A Spiritual Discipline For Advent

Reverse Advent Calendar

Earlier this week Vicki shared something on Facebook which caught my attention - a “Reverse Advent Calendar.”

Many of us are familiar with Advent Calendars as a way of counting down the days until Christmas. Tabs are opened on each day of Advent through Christmas Eve. Often these calendars will have either a small piece of candy or a toy hidden behind each tab.

The calendar Vicki shared instead has us putting items in to the calendar. Specifically, items which may benefit local food pantries like the Bread of Life Food Pantry in Palmyra.

This seemed like a terrific idea to the Church Council, so this Advent we’re encouraging the congregation to participate in the shared spiritual discipline of giving. Each day in Advent, set aside the item which corresponds to the given day. Then, if you are able, on Sunday bring your items to worship and we’ll have boxes set up to gather our collected food!

And if you don’t have access to the item listed for a particular day, don't worry! Just substitute another non-perishable item.

Let’s give a bit of joy this Advent Season!

The Calendar

Date Item
12/1 Box of cereal
12/2 Peanut butter
12/3 Stuffing mix
12/4 Boxed potatoes
12/5 Macaroni and cheese
12/6 Canned fruit
12/7 Canned tomatoes
12/8 Canned tuna
12/9 Dessert mix
12/10 Jar of applesause
12/11 Canned sweet potatoes
12/12 Cranberry sauce
12/13 Caned beans
12/14 Box of crackers
12/15 Package of rice
12/16 Package of oatmeal
12/17 Package of pasta
12/18 Spaghetti sauce
12/19 Chicken noodle soup
12/20 Tomato soup
12/21 Canned corn
12/22 Canned mixed vegetables
12/23 Canned carrots
12/24 Canned green beans
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