Take a journey with Central Baptist


Have you ever wondered at the possibilities for our Church? Have you ever had a dream so pressing you knew you had to see it become real, but had now idea how? If so, we have a study for you.

Endless Possibilities CoverEndless Possibilities helps readers to understand, embrace and fulfill their spiritual journeys. It details the stages and dynamics of our God-given spiritual journeys. This book is for any Christian who desires to appreciate how God works in the lives of individuals, churches, and mission groups. As a non-technical study of the spiritual journeys of Biblical pilgrims (including Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Paul), Endless Possibilities clearly outlines journey principles which throw light on the reader’s personal spiritual experience[1].

Our exploration of this wonderful book begins on September 7 at 9:30 AM. To participate you will need to have read chapter 1, and done the corresponding exercises in the workbook.  Both print and eBooks can be purchased through Central Baptist at a significant discount, there is currently no digital version of the workbook.