Endless Possibilities – The Evening Sessions


Join our evening study group as we journey through Endless Possibilities, by ABCNJ's Senior Regional Pastor, Dr. Lee B. Spitzer. Both print and ebooks can be purchased through the Church at a discount. Print books may also be purchased directly through Amazon. All sessions will be held at 7PM in the Sunday School Auditorium unless specified otherwise.



Date Reading Assignment
October 9 Introduction & Chapter 1: What is a Spiritual Journey?
October 16 Chapter 2: Goal-Oriented Spiritual Journeying
October 29 [1] Chapter 3: God Calls Churches to Journey, Too


Date Reading Assignment
November 6 Chapter 4: Spiritual Journey-Based Church Life
November 13 Chapter 5: When Spiritual Journeys Go Astray
November 20 Chapter 6: All of Life is a Journey

Weekly Assignments

For each chapter, please reflect on the following questions, and come our sessions with your answers either written down or typed out. Spending the time to transmit our thoughts into another medium gives us a chance to reflect on our musings from a different vantage point.

  1. Was there anything in this chapter toward which you had a negative reaction? If so, jot this down and then come back to it later and reflect on this question, “What caused me to react negatively toward this? Coming back to it later can I now appreciate this part of the book even if I have a disagreement with it?”
  2. What two or three points in the chapter did you have a positive reaction toward? What led you to respond to these points positively?
  3. Was there anything in the chapter by which you felt particularly challenged? How might this challenge impact your own spiritual life? How might it impact the spiritual life of our church?

  1. This session is moved to Wednesday to avoid come up against the Palmyra Halloween parade.  ↩