Central Baptist gets WERLEE


Have you gotten "that tie" for Christmas year after year after year? Did you cook food for 40, but only had 10 people come for dinner? Did you miss out on time with family over the holidays? Are you concerned that leaving the cookies in your house for one more day will be a bad thing? Central Baptist Church has a solution! The first-ever White Elephant Regifting Leftover Exchange Extravaganza! At 6:30 on Tuesday December 30 Central Baptist Church invites friends, family, neighbors, cousins, acquaintances, pastors, denominational and government officials, fictional characters, and just about everyone you meet to celebrate and have fun. [1]

The Rules

  1. Pack a gift (it doesn't have to be a "re-gift," but, c'mon, that's half the fun)
  2. Wrap the gift (recycling wrapping paper is encouraged)
  3. Pack up your leftovers
  4. Pack up your gift
  5. Come to Central Baptist
  6. Let hijinks ensue

How it works

We'll place our leftovers on a table, pray, and then eat said leftovers. During the extravaganza we'll be drawing numbers to determine the order we'll be playing "white elephant." We'll also chat, laugh, play games, and generally be silly in Christian Love.

  1. We’re serious, invite everyone!  ↩