Book Study will be migrating


The Wednesday book study on Not the Way it's Supposed to Be will be attending the town hall meeting on Wednesday, October 21 – beginning at 6:30 PM. Be sure to have read chapter 3 before attending the meeting, and during and after the meeting be prepared to discuss the following,

  • Plantinga descibes "Perversion is an ends-and-purposes disease. Most broadly understood, perversion is the turning of loyalty, energy, and desire away from God and God’s project in the world1." What role has perversion played in the erosion of relationships between law enforcement and minority communities? What role can the church play in helping to bring a sense of shalom?

  1. Plantinga Jr., Cornelius (2010-05-13). Not the Way It's Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin (p. 40). Eerdmans Publishing Co - A. Kindle Edition.