Ann Eboch Funeral Update and Request


Central Baptist lost a dear sister this past weekend, and the family invites the Central Baptist family to come to pay their respects and celebrate her life this Thursday (please note, this is a change from the original date).  A viewing will be held from 9:30 to 11 AM, and a funeral service will be begin at 11 AM. Following the funeral there will be brief burial service at Lakeview Memorial Park, after which the family invites the wider family to come back for a reception at Central Baptist (those who are unable to attend the burial are welcome to remain at the church).

Request for Help

The family will have food brought in, and have asked Penni King to assist with setup/breakdown and desserts. Penni is asking for any interested parties to contact her. Also, she will be coming to church at 3PM on Wednesday to decorate the social hall and would love help!

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