October 9, 2016 - Bulletin


Worship Order


Welcome and Announcements

Passing the Peace

Call to Worship

This is the day that you have made, Lord.

Help us to rejoice in it and be glad!

Remind us of the privileges we enjoy as your people: to come to you in these moments,

to confess our sins,

to receive forgiveness and give it,

to pray and sing and listen,

to renew our fainting spirits,

to rest in all your promises.

Open our eyes to see you, Lord.

Open our ears to hear your Word.

Visit us through your Holy Spirit,

and help us to celebrate our faith. Amen.

*Praise Music - “Open the Eyes of My Heart” - “God Of Wonders”

Opening Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Sharing of Joys and Concerns

Offering - “Walk Along Beside Me”

*Song of Thanksgiving - “Give Thanks” - #170

Give thanks with a grateful heart; Give thanks to the Holy One Give thanks, because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son (repeat)

And now let the weak say, “I am strong,” Let the poor say, “I am rich” because o what the Lord has done for us. Give Thanks! (repeat)

Gospel Reading - Matthew 5:1-12 (focus vs. 3-4) - p. 1038

*Praise Song - “You Alone”

Message - “Standing Low” - Pastor Wes

*Praise Song - “I Saw The Light”

*If you are able, please stand


October Benevolence – World Mission Offering

Each year, the World Mission Offering (WMO) casts a spotlight on a different part of the world - giving American Baptists a personal, front row seat to the powerful ministries that are changing lives for Christ around the globe.  This year, WMO is excited to share the spiritual revival happening in Baptist churches right now in CUBA!  Cuba’s spitual awakening - and the many other amazing things God is doing around the world - are exciting testimonies that “with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

(taken from WMO website)

An Evening of Reflection, Discussion and Prayer

Please consider joining the First Baptist Church Collingwood on Thursday, October 13 at 7PM for an evening of reflection, discussion and prayer concerning the challenges the church faces in order to be an effective witness for Christ amidst the cultural and political climate of our time.  This will feature a presentation of the paper “For Such a time as This” and will be followed by a panel discussion that includes two of our regional pastors, Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer and Rev. Dr. Elmo Familiaran.

Pizza Bash! Saturday, October 29, 6PM

Please join us for the first Bash of the season.  We will also be creating Thanksgiving Cards for the residents at Riverview Estates that cannot be with family on Thanksgiving.  Bring your family and friends and one pizza per family for an evening of fun and food.  Please see Amanda with any questions.