Job Posting: Church Secretary


The Central Baptist Church of Riverton-Palmyra is seeking to fill the role of church secretary. This person should be outgoing, able to accomplish assigned tasks without supervision, keep church information in confidence, and affirm the values of the church community.

Core Responsibilities

The Church Secretary of Central Baptist Church will be responsible for the following:

  • Check the church mailbox and distribute to internal mailboxes as needed.
  • Open mail addressed to Central Baptist Church and sort into boxes according to need.
  • Check and respond to email.
  • Check and respond to voicemail
  • Type the weekly worship bulletin, and create inserts as needed.
  • Prepare the weekly bulletin for printing
  • Print, fold, and distribute the weekly worship bulletin.
  • Publish the weekly bulletin to the church website.
  • Perform a general walk thru of building (turn off lights, make sure windows are closed, see that doors are locked).
  • When leaving for the day turn off lights, turn off office air or heater and unplug, be sure the office door is locked.
  • On the 3rd Thursday of the month supervise and assist the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program during their hours of operation.
  • Order supplies for worship.
  • Other clerical tasks as needed.

Additional Responsibilities

Should the applicant be willing, the church secretary may also perform light cleaning duties for additional hours. This includes the following tasks:

  • Clean all bathrooms once weekly.
  • Vacuum the sanctuary, fellowship hall, vestibules, and other rooms as necessary.
  • Dust tables.
  • Empty all trash (replacing liners) and recycling and place in proper receptacles outside.

Required Skills

Central Baptist is a Mac environment, we will be happy to train any interested applicants.

  • Basic comuting (email, file management, etc.).
  • Word processing (using templates, text layout, printing).
  • Good communication skills (phone, text messaging, and email).
  • A willingingness to learn how to post on Wordpress.

Work Hours

The church secretary will be hired for a maximum of six hours per week, preferablly in two three-hour shifts. Up to two additional hours per week may be added if the secretary desires to do light cleaning around the building. Should, WIC require extended hours in the church, the secretary may work over six hours that week.

Hourly Rate

The church secretary will start at either $10 or $11 per-hour, commensurate with experience. They will be paid bi-weekly.

How to Apply

Please email your resume, including three references, to All applicants who are asked to interview for the position will be required to go through a background check at the church’s expense.

Interviews will be conducted with the pastor and at least one other member of Central Baptist’s Church Council.